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Email Marketing: Opt in or Lose out!

Email Marketing Strategy for Business


Last week I said that content marketing without a blog was a bit like trying to imagine Wimbledon without that bowl of strawberries and cream.

Just as a day out at Wimbledon isn't really complete without the obligatory glass of Pimms or beer, then a marketing strategy isn't complete without a good email marketing strategy in place.


Why Content Marketing?

By way of a quick recap content marketing is the process of creating and distributing your own case studies, guides, videos, webinars, eBooks, white papers, etc., that offer incredibly useful information for your target audience.

As we discovered, content marketing is part of the inbound marketing strategy and is an incredibly effective way of :-

  1. Generating initial interest and awareness in your brand
  2. Attracting prospective customers

So what about the last, most important steps in your marketing strategy - converting leads into customers and loyal brand followers?


Strategies for Converting Business Leads

There are a couple of well-used strategies that you'll have come across already whilst browsing the internet.

I was searching on Social Media Examiner yesterday when I was presented with a pop-up inviting me to download a free copy of the Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Social Media Examiner pop-up


You might have come across similar invitations or 'calls-to-action' at strategic places on web pages, asking you to "Click Here", "Subscribe" or "Download Now", like the one below -

HubSpot Call to Action


The marketer understands his main priority is to try to capture your name and email address before you leave the page, otherwise he's lost a potential customer.  He wants to convert you from a new business prospect to a buying customer.  Given that you've already shown enough interest in his business thus far by clicking over to his web page, he'll be fairly confident that, if he's persuasive enough, he might just get you to disclose your details.

So he's invited you to download a free eBook.

I'm sure you've all experienced this process many times before!  In order to receive the eBook you fill in a form with your name and email address; you're directed to check your emails and confirm that you're happy to receive emails from this particular business.  Once you've done that you receive a further welcome email with a link to the free eBook.


Everyone's a winner!

You've got your eBook and the business now has your name and email address.


Enter Email Marketing!

Once you've obtained a customer's name and email address you now have a direct channel through which you can communicate at a more personal level.  You can provide more useful content using targeted email marketing campaigns until you feel able to pitch a sale.

Although it's been around for a long time, email continues to be one of the most effective tools in the marketing toolbox.  And for good reason.  It works!  All savvy marketers understand why email marketing is so important.

According to the BtoB Magazine,

"59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel for generating revenue."

The Direct Marketing Association also noted that email marketing has a "ROI of around 4,300%."

That's incredible!  Would you want to ignore success rates like that?


Brand Ambassadors

There's another very important reason email marketing campaigns are so important and effective.  By building and nurturing your relationship with customers, you create a community of followers who not only return regularly to buy from you but who help promote your business online and become a community of loyal brand 'ambassadors'.

Rand Fishkin, the 'Wizard of Moz', explained the reasoning behind this in his wonderful SlideShare, "Why Content Marketing Fails",

Does good content spread




And the reason good content doesn't spread even though it's really, really good?!

content fails without community


So to summarise, use targeted email campaigns to help you:-

  1. Convert new business leads into paying customers
  2. Build and nurture good customer relationships
  3. Create a loyal group of followers who will support and amplify your brand online

I'm not an expert at email marketing so, at this point, I'd like to hand over and introduce you to Kate Barrett, the founder of Shine a Light Media and The Email Marketing Academy.

Kate will show you exactly how to generate new leads, grow your email list further and how to set up automated emails.

Why not take a look at Kate's latest blog article, "10 Benefits of Using Email Marketing for Small Businesses" for some incredibly useful tips and information.

Kate also produces regular Tuesday Quick Tip Videos so why not start from the beginning and work your way through the series, starting with the first introductory video - [youtube]



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