Bite-Sized Blogging Tips for Business

 Business blogging tips key to titles

The key to WRITING attention-seeking blog titles

The Internet is crowded with content.

There's information overload!

You're a small business; how are you going to draw attention to your blog?

There are all sorts of ways you can draw attention to yourself in person.  Try singing the Marseillaise down a megaphone on a crowded railway concourse!

But you can't do that online.

Professional bloggers rely on several tried-and-tested techniques to make sure readers sit up and take notice of their content.  I'll go through these with you over the coming weeks but first up we need to talk about "BLOG TITLES".


How to create attention-seeking blog titles

Just watch today's quick, bite-sized video to discover some fairly shocking statistics first of all (Hint: it's to do with goldfish!) and then find out which techniques the 'pros' use to ensure readers click through and read their content.

Let's get started! 



As always, please leave any comments you might have in the box below or get in touch with me if you have any specific blogging difficulties you'd like help to resolve.

If you'd like to download the full set of slides from today's presentation just click over to SlideShare.

And I'd love it if you would share the love with your business friends!

Thank you and see you next week! 

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