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UK Blog Awards 2016: Can I Have your Vote?

UK Blog Awards 2016: Can I Have your Vote?

Virtuoso Assistant UK Blog Awards 2016
Virtuoso Assistant UK Blog Awards 2016

UK start-ups and small businesses are my passion, which is why I've entered the UK Blog Awards 2016

We've seen how UK entrepreneurs and small business owners have been the backbone of the economy during the recession, "making up 99.3% of all enterprises".

Entrepreneurs in London and the South of England alone were responsible for creating 32,000 jobs with a turnover of £2.8 billion in April 2015.  [The Business Magazine]

However, being a start-up or small business owner isn't easy.  Embracing the entrepreneurial way of life involves stepping way outside comfort zones and working long hours without any kind of guaranteed income in the first few years.  Sole traders who work from home often experience a sense of isolation, which is when self-doubt creeps in.

"Knowledge is power"

[Sir Francis Bacon]

If start-ups and small business owners know where to find the right kind of knowledge, information and support they need at the right time, they'll stand a much better chance of success.

Virtuoso Assistant Blog & RESOURCES

My aim is to provide B2B small business owners and start-ups with up-to-date and actionable information about how best to stand out from the crowd online and market their services.

135,000 people attended Glastonbury this year.  Can you imagine how hard it would be for one person to stand out?

Now think digital.  There were estimated to be around 74,652,825 WordPress sites alone, according to figures taken last February.   The Internet is an immensely busy and competitive place and, in order to stand any chance of creating attention and generating interest in a brand, a start-up would need to have the best tools and information at their fingertips.

Fortunately, technology, digital tools and apps provide a relatively level playing field today from which a small business can generate as much interest online as some of the big brands.

Virtuoso Assistant blog teaches start-ups how to harness the power of visual content with visual marketing.  

➣  Create awareness on social media with an amusing gif, a thought-provoking quotation, or a beautiful image and then drive new traffic back to a blog or website.

➣  Write blog headlines that will compel readers to click through to your article.

➣  Hook a reader's attention & ensure they  don't click away by writing  expert content which providesanswers to questions and solutions to problems.  Keep them coming back for more by being the 'go to' expert in a particular niche.

➣  Create an irresistible Call-to-Action by understanding some simple psychology and start building a winning email list with which to market your services.

This is the kind of information I aim to provide on my Virtuoso blog.

Why Do I Bother?

I've not been blogging for long, perhaps one and a half years or so.

Prior to setting up my business I worked as a legal PA in Civil Litigation.  I loved my job.

However, when the recession struck, being Bipolar suddenly made me rather unpopular with employers.  January and February 2013 were dark months psychologically during which I wondered whether I would ever work again.  However, I've always been a firm believer that unpleasant circumstances are somehow 'meant to happen' for a good reason.  My 'good reason' turned out to be Virtuoso Assistant, which I set up shortly after losing my last job.

I've never looked back.

Why Listen to Me?

I have the experience as a start-up, I know what it's like.  In fact, I'm still on that rollercoaster ride called "Small Business Owner" as I approach the third year milestone in September 2016.

I can help provide you with information I know you'll find helpful.

I've learnt from the best social media and marketing experts and influencers like Martin Shervington, Peg Fitzpatrick, Mike Allton from The Social Media Hat and Warren Knight.


Virtuoso Assistant Testimonial Martin Shervington
Virtuoso Assistant Testimonial Martin Shervington

If you trust me with your vote I'll put it to very good use.

I don't consider winning awards to be about me as an individual.   It's about how I can use the publicity for your benefit.  Winning a UK Blog Award would enable me to reach more start-ups, more entrepreneurs and small businesses who may need the kind of help and information I can give them.

Here's How You Can Help

You can vote for me until 25th January 2016  by clicking the link to my UK Blog Awards entry, or clicking on the image below

Virtuoso Assistant UK Blog Awards
Virtuoso Assistant UK Blog Awards

Thank you all very much for your confidence in me: stay tuned and I'll keep you updated with progress! 

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