24 Social Media & Marketing Tips from the Experts

24 Social Media & Marketing Tips from the Experts

Are you looking for the best business social media and marketing tips from experts you can trust? 

Would you like to have the kind of information that will transform your business from being just 'one of many' to 'one of the few'?  

It's wonderful to gain recognition and to be singled out as a top business in your niche.  You feel like all your effort and hard work have paid off.   

But what is it that makes a business stand out from the rest?  

Often it's just a question of understanding how best to market a brand or how to use social media effectively to attract and engage with a target audience.  

Which probably leaves you wondering where on earth entrepreneurs and business owners find these golden nuggets of information without spending hours trawling the Internet?  


Business Tips for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses 

To help you out, we've collated some of our weekly Business Tips into a slide deck.  

You'll find tips and advice from experts and influencers about social media, marketing, lead generation, business reviews and SEO best practices.   You can click on each slide to take you through to the relevant article from which each quotation has been taken so you can dive a little deeper into a subject.  


Take a moment to link up with these experts on social media, or bookmark their blogs. 


SlideShare is an incredibly effective marketing tool.  

We've written several articles recently to encourage small businesses and entrepreneurs to start sharing their content with the millions of SlideShare users who are actively searching for information. 

One reply I often hear to this suggestion is, "I don't give business presentations so I don't use SlideShare".

You don't need to give business presentations in order to benefit from SlideShare.  The slide deck above has been created by collating weekly business tips into a presentation format and uploading them to SlideShare.  

If you're unsure how to use SlideShare, take a look at our last blog, "How to Create Presentations like a Marketing Rockstar" and sign up for our free course of video tutorials.  

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