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How to Skyrocket your Business with a Dynamic Virtual Assistant

How to Skyrocket your Business with a Dynamic Virtual Assistant

Every day I wake up I count my blessings I run my own business.  I'm fairly certain I'm unemployable now; returning to an office-based job is not an option for me.

That said, there are occasional days when I seriously question myself.  

The clock on my office wall is a bit of a tyrant and constantly reminds me of my deadlines. "If you don't finish client X's project by 1pm, you won't have time to finish client Y's presentation by the end of the day", it seems to say.  

It's slightly ironic that I'm a Virtual Assistant but I'm in need of a Virtual Assistant myself these days. 

But that puts me in an ideal position to understand the unique difficulties other small businesses owners face every day and how I can help solve them.  


So what exactly does a Virtual Assistant ("VA") do?

It's a common misconception that virtual assistants are simply online secretaries.  That may be true for some VAs but, in addition to offering standard PA services, most have very specialist skills with which they support their clients, such as event management, content creation, blogging, legal document production, website design and support.  

Does that surprise you?  

As Chris Ducker pointed out during a podcast with Natalie Sisson (aka "The Suitcase Entrepreneur"),

"Virtual employees are just the same as office employees, except they can't make the coffee!" 


How Do I Find a Virtual Assistant for my Business?

Good question!  

Given that there are no agencies you can visit who will help you match your job skills with a suitable VA, how do you go about finding one? 

To help get you started, download your free copy of, "3 Ways to Find a Virtual Assistant for your Business".   

If you take the time to ask the right questions and, if possible, meet a candidate before you hire her / him, you'll have a much better chance of selecting the right person for you.  

Don't forget, one of the benefits of working with virtual 'staff' is that it's incredibly flexible.  If you discover you've made a mistake and you're not working together in the way you'd like, you can always end your working relationship (and your VA can do the same!)

On the flip side, if you do find the right person, she can potentially transform the way your business runs.  In my previous 'life' as a legal PA, I worked with a lawyer with whom I had such a good working relationship that I could anticipate what she needed each day without her having to ask me.  That left her to concentrate on her job without her having to 'manage' me.  

You can have that relationship with a virtual PA as well.  Jobs that used to take up so much of your time will be taken care of so you can increase your productivity.  You'll have time to develop and grow your business, find new opportunities, attend networking meetings and events, knowing that you have someone competent and trustworthy in charge while you're away.  

Do the things that you're really passionate about every day instead of being dragged down by the minutiae of running your business!  

Find the right person to work with and you'll become the 'Dynamic Duo' of the business world.   After all, Batman could never have tackled the Joker or Mr Freeze without the help of his right-hand man, Robin.  And James Bond could never have cheated death as many times as he did without the watchful eyes of Miss Moneypenny.  

Here's how you can skyrocket your business with a dynamic virtual assistant.


If you have any questions regarding virtual assistant services, how to find or hire a virtual assistant, please feel free to email me, Nicky, using the button below.  

If you enjoyed reading this article or if you know someone who would benefit from reading it, please feel free to share.  Thanks!  

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