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Launch: Small Business Saturday UK 2016! 🚀

Launch: Small Business Saturday UK 2016! 🚀

Small Business Saturday UK launch

In just a few days' time this year's Small Business Saturday UK campaign will be launched.  

At the start of June you can send in your business pitch to Small Business Saturday UK for a chance to become 1 of 100 top UK small businesses.  (You may have seen the hashtag #SmallBiz100 on Twitter from time to time?) 


Who and What is Small Business Saturday UK?

In a nutshell, Small Business Saturday UK is a,

"...grassroots, non-commercial campaign, which highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ and support small businesses in their communities."  


It is also non-political although it attracts a great deal of support from business ministers and MPs in constituencies across the UK.  

A programme of business-related workshops and talks are already under way as part of the "Inspire Series", details of which you can find online via the Small Business Saturday UK website.   

All events, talks and meetings organised by the campaign are 100% free so everyone can get involved.  

The campaign quickly gains momentum from the end of July when the doors close to any new entries.  The team then settle down to begin the selection process for this year's #SmallBiz100.  

Once notified, each business is profiled for an entire day across social media and in the local press. 

"For the last three years, the 100 have not only received exposure on our social media channels and in the local press, but also joined the Small Business Saturday team in London at receptions in both Downing Street and The Treasury Drum with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne."

Small Business Saturday UK culminates on the first Saturday of December, which is one of the busiest shopping days before Christmas.  This year it falls on Saturday 3rd December.  

Although emphasis is placed on 'shopping', ALL small businesses are included whether they provide products or services.  Where would we be without our wonderful hairdressing salons, marketing advisors, independent HR consultants and virtual assistants (a shameless plug!)

 Small Business Saturday UK 2016

 Small Business Saturday UK 2016



My own business was profiled in 2014, which resulted in a visit to Downing Street; a very surreal and exciting day.   Over the past few years I've met some wonderful, like-minded entrepreneurs along the way and have formed a close and supportive business network, which is essential for a small business owner.  

Last year I was honoured to have been selected as Regional Champion with Small Business Saturday UK, and again this year.   As such, it is my 'job' to spread the word and get as many small businesses involved in the campaign as possible.  I don't stand to gain anything financially; I do it simply because we all believe in supporting and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit.  



Take a look at my fun, 20-second video and find out how you can get involved in the campaign this year.  


Your Special Invitation

I'd also like to invite you to join my private group of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

You'll receive the occasional email from me, giving you the latest news and updates from the #SmallBizSatUK campaign trail as soon as they are released.  I'll also drop you my top tips & advice for the coming year.  


Best of luck to everyone! 


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