5 Ways to Turn SlideShare into a Lead Generation Powerhouse

5 Ways to Turn SlideShare into a Lead Generation Powerhouse! 

5 Ways Slideshare Lead Generation Powerhouse


If you knew the HUGE benefits SlideShare has to offer in terms of lead generation, I’m pretty sure you’d be making business presentations every day.

If you went fishing and you knew there was a pond nearby full of fish just waiting to bite, I’d imagine you’d get over there pretty quick…wouldn't you? 


“LinkedIn SlideShare gets 5X more professional users than any other social platform, providing a unique opportunity to get in front of the people you wish to market to.” - [White Hat Media

SlideShare attracts a staggering 70 million visitors and 3 billion views a month - that’s a lot of potential new leads!  

Not only that, you don’t even need to start right at the top of your marketing funnel when using SlideShare because people are already actively looking for your content, 

“70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted search by users looking for content.” - [SlideShare]


So to help you attract as many leads as possible on SlideShare I’ll be showing you - 

1.  The essential steps you need to take before you begin to write a presentation. 

2.  How to attract and entice readers into viewing your slide deck

3.  Two quick and easy ways to capture leads

4.  How to double your chances and super-charge your presentation. 

I also have a free giveaway for you to download as well as an offer to help you get started on SlideShare.   



Just as you would for a blog post, you need to do some careful keyword research before you start creating your slides.  What a waste of energy if you created a beautiful slide deck that nobody is going to find.  

You can use Google’s own free Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool  to help you find key words or phrases that your audience is likely to use when searching for your content. 

Choose four or five key words or long-tail phrases with a high search rate but low competition.  If there is high competition for your main keywords, find a similar word or phrase that’s not so hot.

So why do you need to optimise your presentation for search?


1.  Presentation File Name

Keywords within a URL are as significant for SlideShare as they are for a blog and will help determine whether your presentation shows up in search results. 

The file name you give your presentation becomes the URL when uploaded to SlideShare so think carefully about the keywords you want to include.  

Ideally the file name should be between 50 - 55 characters long to avoid it being truncated in Google searches, as below. 

Too long a file name and it will end up in a series of dots ...

Too long a file name and it will end up in a series of dots ...


2.  Description

When you get to the point of uploading your completed slide deck into SlideShare you’ll have the opportunity to write a description for your presentation.  

Add a keyword-rich description for your presentation

Add a keyword-rich description for your presentation

The first 155 characters you write in the description box is displayed in Google searches, much like a meta description.   Use keywords that are relevant to your slide deck that will most likely attract the right audience.    


3.  Tags

SlideShare allows you to tag your presentation using 20 relevant keywords, giving it more chance of being found on SlideShare.  

💥  Expert Tip: 

Mark W. Schaefer

Mark Schaefer regularly features on SlideShare so I asked him if he would share with me the #1 tip he would give any beginner on SlideShare - 

“To stand out in any content platform, including Slideshare, you should do a little preliminary research into the content density of your subject matter.  Do a search for your topic keywords on Slideshare.
If there is a lot of content, you might have to find a unique angle or you'll be lost. If there is little or no competing content, you've found a remarkable opportunity!

Mark W. Schaefer - internationally-acclaimed college educator | author | speaker | strategy consultant.

SlideShare | Business Grow Website 


Now that you’ve optimised your presentation for searches, you can start the fun part!  



The first hurdle you need to overcome before you can even consider attracting new leads is to get your presentation viewed. 

You only have 2 SECONDS to snag someone’s attention.  

Our ability to concentrate is shockingly bad, which isn’t surprising given how much our senses are overloaded every day.

Put yourself in a browser’s shoes for a moment.  He’s sitting at his desk, his screen is full of potential presentations he can view, which one is he going to pick? 

What’s likely to jolt his attention?


1.  Visual Stimuli

A recent study carried out by the Kennesaw State University in Georgia demonstrated that our attention can be snagged and held for longer when we’re shown something new and disruptive

Our minds are drawn to pay attention to new stimuli” - [Shift Disruptive Learning]

What kind of visual stimuli can you use to catch your reader’s attention?  Considering the following - 




Rob Russo: Bold Brand Fast

Rob Russo: Bold Brand Fast





2.  Emotional Stimuli

Visuals have the ability to jump-start and stir up emotions in ways other content can’t. Believe it or not, we make decisions based on our emotions (and then use our heads to justify those decisions later!) so visual content that connects with our emotions is a very powerful persuader. 

Our emotions are the primary driver of our on and offline actions” - [Convince & Convert]


Consider using the following emotions in your presentation - 


Matt Siltala has done a great job here of incorporating an image from a well-known comedy show to demonstrate why visual content works.



Sue-Anne Dunlevie piques her reader's curiosity with this title slide: who'd NOT want to find out more?  



Motivational and inspirational content is always popular and generates the most shares on social media.  This title slide is both colourful and has a pretty awe-inspiring headline that just grabs attention.  

I certainly wanted to know the secret to attracting 2.5 million views on SlideShare. I've viewed this slide deck several times over. 


[For more information about how to design killer presentations, take a look at my article,“How to Create Presentations like a Marketing Rockstarwhich was published by SlideShare.] 




Now that you’ve got your reader’s attention and he’s clicked through to view your slides, you need to think about how to persuade him to leave you his details before he leaves.  

SlideShare couldn’t have made this process easier with their own lead generation form.  Each form is fully customisable so you can include as much or as little information as you want from potential leads.  

1.  Write a compelling invitation.

2.  Select which fields you'd like to be filled in (not too much).

3.  Select the place within your presentation that you'd like your form to appear.

4.  Note the form automatically populates using the client's LinkedIn details.  



5.  You're in complete control of your budget - set your own limit.

6.  Narrow down your campaign to a geographical area.

7.  Give your campaign a memorable name.

SlideShare Lead Generation Form


8.  Before you finish up you can take a moment to review your form and make any necessary changes.

9.  Agree the T&Cs.

1o.  You're good to go! 

SlideShare Lead Generation Form


Carry out plenty of A/B tests to see what works best and generates the most leads. 

💥  Expert Tip: 

Ross Simmonds

Ross Simmonds is a SlideShare expert, digital strategist, blogger and speaker.  I wrote to Ross and asked him what his #1 tip would be to start-ups or small business owners in terms of lead generation on SlideShare, 

When attempting to generate leads through Slideshare, the key is to start with value and end the deck with a clear call to action that drives your readers to another piece of content or your product/service. You want to create enough value in your initial deck that the reader already feels like you've done them a favour. 

Once you've demonstrated real value to the reader, it's time to make the request. It could be as simple as telling them to check out a free checklist or signing up for updates on your latest product. Once you have their email, it's time to nurture the relationship!“

Ross Simmonds - Digital Strategist | Entrepreneur | Blogger & Speaker 

SlideShare |  Website



If you don’t have the budget to use SlideShare’s own Lead Generation form, you can still generate leads organically using a bit of creativity and cunning! 

SlideShare allows you to create clickable hyperlinks within your slides.  Use a lead magnet to entice readers to click over to your website or landing page and capture their details. 

Direct readers to take a course of action using text or other visual cues within your slide. Leave people in no doubt as to where they should be looking by using visual cues, such as a person pointing or use an arrow.

Donna Moritz is a superb visual marketing expert - see how compelling she makes her Calls-to-Action.  

"  Ignite your Business - 19 Tips from Social Media Success Summit Speakers" - Donna Moritz

"Ignite your Business - 19 Tips from Social Media Success Summit Speakers" - Donna Moritz

You can download your own free set of Calls-to-Action here to get you started.  

Each button on the first page is customisable so you can go in and adjust the colours and text to match your branding.  




Being savvy marketers, I’m sure you’ve realised how powerful video is this year as live video-streaming on Twitter, Facebook Live, Snapchat and now even Instagram Stories evolve.  Video allows customers to make more meaningful connections with you and deepen relationships so they feel part of your brand.  

SlideShare harnesses the power of video by enabling YouTube videos to be embedded into slide decks once uploaded onto SlideShare. 

Be in no doubt how powerful this is!

There are three immediate ways you will benefit from doing this:-

 1.  Your presentation becomes doubly engaging, allowing you to speak directly to your customers.  They're less likely to leave your presentation and more likely to respond to your lead generation form or Call-to-Action. 

2.  YouTube is the second largest search engine apart from Google.  Your presentation will not only be searchable on SlideShare and Google, but also on YouTube.  So that’s an additional 800 million potential customers per month who could find your content! 

3.  YouTube has its own lead generation form [YouTube Cards], which doubles your chances of enticing your viewers to take your desired action.  


Uploading video to SlideShare couldn’t be easier or quicker to do. 

Simply copy and past the YouTube URL and select where you'd like the video to be included within the presentation.

How to upload YouTube video to Slideshare



So now you can see how powerful SlideShare is and why you should start to incorporate presentations into your marketing strategy.  

If you really want to make your mark and put your content in front of a captive audience, do it today and do it on SlideShare. 

If you're still feeling a little overwhelmed and you'd like a more help, why not join my Private Group of #SavvyStartups?  

You will receive four FREE video tutorials which will walk you through key SlideShare elements you need to nail!  

1.  Super-Simple Tips to Optimise SlideShare Presentations for SEO

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3.  How to Create Compelling Presentations with Colour and Text

4.  Two Quick and Easy ways to Capture Leads on SlideShare


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Sign up now to receive your tutorials and start enticing and capturing prospective new customers on SlideShare. 

[Many thanks to Ross Simmonds and Mark Schaefer for taking the time out to share your expertise].