How to Grow Your Email List for Free on Social Media

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So you've decided to kick-start your email marketing in 2018 but you're unsure how start attracting new subscribers to your list? 

Watch our quick tutorial where you will learn exactly how to leverage social media in order to grow your email list.  By the time you complete this tutorial you'll be attracting new leads like bees around a honey pot.

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Nicky Pasquier:

I don't have to tell you how important it is to have an email marketing strategy.  Even though email marketing is the oldest tool in the digital marketing box, it is still the most powerful and outstrips content marketing, SEO and PPC ads.  Email gives you the opportunity to talk to prospective leads in a highly personalised and effective way.  So let's get started! 

All you will need for this tutorial is an "ESP" or Email Service Provider.  I use MailChimp because I believe it provides the best value for small businesses and start-ups.  You'll need a lead magnet to entice new customers, a link shortener like and a graphic to share on social media.  I'll leave any links I mention in this tutorial in the description box below so you can check them out later.  

➣  Step #1: Create a List

Make sure you call your List something clear and memorable.  Your subscribers will actually see the List name when they opt in.  

➣  Step #2: Create and Customise a Sign-up Form

You need to select a General Form as opposed to one that can be embedded into a website and you'll see why later.  Start customising your Sign-up Form by deleting any unwanted form fields.  You only really need a subscriber's first name and email address to get started so delete any optional fields such as Surname or Last Name.

Customise your form even further by adding a welcome message at the top.  Simply type some text into the box, insert your brand logo or a relevant image.  And here is one I prepared earlier!  Just as an aside, MailChimp has what's called a 'Double Opt-in' sign-up process to protect subscribers from spam mail.  They also ensure that any prospective leads are more engaged with the emails you send them.  

As a 'pro tip' ensure the sign-up process has a consistent look and feel, so if you include your logo in your sign-up form make sure that you include it in the opt-in, confirmation and any welcome email as well.  

➣  Step #3: Create a Lead Magnet

I often see small businesses and start-ups asking for new subscribers to newsletters, which is great, but I really don't think newsletters are enticing enough in the first instance.  You need to think about what you can offer prospective customers which they will find so valuable and so enticing that they will just want to have it.  In fact they may even consider paying for it - that is how valuable it needs to be.  

If you have a jewellery business for example you might want to offer a free giveaway by way of a competition.  These are highly effective lead magnets for B2C companies.  If you have a B2B company, like mine for example, you might want to consider offering a free template, a checklist or a PDF download.  If you are offering a free 'downloadable' don't forget to upload it into MailChimp and include a link in your final welcome email.  

Here is an example of how that might look on a mobile device from one of my previous campaigns.  

➣  Step #4: Grab Eyeballs on Social Media

Once you've decided what your lead magnet is going to be you'll need to create one piece of visual content to share across social media.  All you need to do is upload a relevant graphic or high resolution photo into a design tool like Canva and then add a little relevant text overlay.  If you're not sure how to do this then just check out one of my previous tutorials.  Now you've done that let's go back to that initial Sign-Up form on MailChimp.  

➣  Step #5: Create a Unique Link

The reason why I prefer to use a customised link is because your leads can see exactly what they're signing up for, they're memorable for sharing and you can track results using's analytics tools.  

You're nearly done!  

So let's start pulling all these steps together to start generating new leads on social media. 




What Next?

We work with start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them understand how powerful email marketing is in generating a consistent stream of sales for their businesses.  There are no tricks involved but it does take a little bit of commitment and effort to learn the basics.  Once learnt, however, the magic starts to happen as automated sequences can be set up to deliver the right content to the right person at just the right time, nurturing new leads into paying customers. 

Find out a little more about the email marketing services we offer our clients.