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How to Create your Visual Brand Style using Text

How to Create your Visual Brand Style using Text

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Create a Visual Style for your Brand using Font

Visual content conveys brand messages quicker than you cay say ‘blink’ and is a key marketing strategy for business.  

There are scientific reasons why visuals are so powerful. 

Human beings make snap decisions based on what we see around us every day; we’re hard-wired that way which ensured our survival.  

I don’t think primitive man would have lived terribly long if they had to read about the dangers around them.   


Fortunately it only takes us milliseconds for our brains to process and make sense of what we see around us and to take action based on that visual information.  

Milliseconds is hard to imagine, so to give you a better idea our brains can process visual messages 30X faster than we can blink!  [Click to Tweet!]

Whenever you post any kind of content online you have precious little time to make a first good impression.  Your target audience will assess, judge and formulate an opinion about your brand based on what they see.  

So you need to nail it first time around. 


What is Visual Content?

Visual content comes in all shapes and sizes, the most popular of which are -  

1. Static images

2. Slide presentations

3. Infographics

4. Short explainer videos for business

5. "How To" tutorials

6. Gifs

7. Interactive games and quizzes. 

There is something for everybody in this mix, for B2B as well as B2C marketers.


Why Is it Important to Have a Visual Brand Identity?

There are huge benefits to be had from creating your own unique brand style.   A consistent, brand look will - 

•  attract your target audience

•  entice them into discovering more about your business

•  persuade them into taking your desired course of action

•  generate a sense of trust and reliability which is vital for brands


How to Design your Brand Look

It’s just not enough to simply upload any old stock photo, slap your logo on and share it on social media as a good visual representation of your brand. 

It’s not. 

Take the time to do this properly and you’ll reap the rewards. 

There are some key elements you need to consider when designing your brand look.  I’ll go through each of these elements over the next few months.  

I’ll also be creating video tutorials to guide you through each step so subscribe to my YouTube channel and you’ll be notified each time a new video is posted.  



Typography / Text

The first element you’ll need to think about is what typography or text you're going to use when creating and posting graphics, videos and other visual content online.  

A very good rule of thumb to remember is that ‘Less is More’.

Less is more visual content design


If your designs are too ‘busy’ they're going to confuse and overwhelm your audience and they’ll lose interest. 

Keep your visuals clean, fresh and simple.


Text Hierarchy

You only need to choose two or maybe three fonts at the very most for your brand style.  There needs to be a clear hierarchy between each font. 

Text hierarchy visual brand style



The biggest will be used for headings which will communicate the most important message.  You can afford to show your brand’s personality a little here and use a script or display font PROVIDED it is easy to read in a split second. 


The next font will be smaller and will be used for any body text, which will provide a little more information about the heading above it.  Ensure that it is crisp and easy to read at a glance. Test it out on a friend and ask them to read it quickly - if they can’t, if they squint and pull faces you know you need to have a rethink! 


The third font, if needed at all, will be the the smallest and, again, very legible because if its size.  I often use it to write a URL at the foot of an image, or to give credit to quotations (see below)

Business tips


Once you’ve chosen your brand fonts you will need to stick to them and use them CONSISTENTLY in every piece of visual content you create.  Ideally you’ll want to be able to upload a graphic onto Twitter or Facebook, for example, and for it to be identified immediately as your brand content.

Take these two images below.  I recognise them immediately from their overall style, personality and from the different visual elements.  Rebekah Radice always uses the same fonts and her brand colour, orange, to highlight essential information.  Rebekah is a pro at visual content creation and marketing!

[Click on each image to read Rebekah's posts]

Typography & Brand Personality

You’ll be relieved to know that size isn’t everything!

You also need to consider whether the text you use is appropriate for your business and whether it aligns with your brand’s personality.  

I picked four very different script, serif and display fonts below to explain what I mean. 

It's hard to imagine a firm of lawyers or accountants using "Balloons" as their chosen typeface, but it would be great fun to use for a children's party invitation.  Similarly the vintage-inspired "Ginger Gin" typeface lends itself perfectly for use on shop signage.  


Nail your Brand Style Now!

If you click over to my YouTube channel now I’ll show you -

1.  how to select different brand fonts

2.  add text overlays to images in a step-by-step guide

3.  where to find the best resources to help you create your visual style.

It won't cost you a penny as I'll be using my ‘go to’ design tool, Canva.  I use Canva literally every single day to create my own brand’s graphics and graphics for my clients.  

If you enjoyed my blog or video please give it a 'thumbs up', share it with your friends and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all the latest tips and advice for business. 


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