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How to Generate New Business Leads from a Website...for FREE!

How to Generate New Business Leads from a Website...for FREE!

How to Generate New Business Leads from a Website for Free


How to Generate New Business Leads from your Website...for FREE!

Have you ever wondered how you can optimise your website so that you generate new leads...even while you’re sleeping?!

Does it sound like I'm dreaming?

Does converting regular new leads for FREE from your website sound too good to be true?

If so you’ll want to read on...


My business tagline is "Helping you Grow your Business Organically" and I've always sought out free or very low cost ways of growing my business.  

I started using this simple lead generation strategy about 6 months ago and I've now doubled the number of subscribers on my mailing list; I'm delighted to be able to share this strategy with you today.

During this step-by-step guide I'll show you exactly how to:

(1)  set up a free HubSpot account and link it with your website

(2)  attract prospective customers using an irresistible lead magnet

(3) create a HubSpot 'Lead Flow' on your website


(1)   How to Set up a Free HubSpot Account

The first step you want to take is to set up a free HubSpot account (if you don’t already have one).  Watch this video which will show you exactly what you need to do - 


How to Set Up a Free HubSpot Account



(2)  How to Attract Prospective Customers with an Irresistible Lead Magnet

In order to persuade any prospective client or customer to give you their email address you need to make them an ‘offer they can’t refuse’! 

In other words, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what kind of valuable information or help would you want to get your hands on if you were in their position?  

What would be so useful to you that you'd be prepared to pay for it? 

You’ve probably downloaded some free content yourself.  Can you recall what persuaded you to do that?  

To give you some ideas, a really effective lead magnet needs to:-

  • Be free
  • Be easily accessible
  • Be quick and easy to follow to enable your customer to reach a desired goal
  • Solve a problem or pinch-point that is likely to be troublesome for your target audience
  • Educate a prospective customer about a specific business topic they probably want to master


Now you want to consider in what format you’ll be offering your lead magnet.  The most common and valuable are a:-

  • PDF download
  • Video tutorial (or series of videos)
  • Checklist
  • Template(s)
  • Ebook
  • Webinar / One-to-one consultation 


Email Marketing Provider

In order to deliver your free giveaway you’ll need to be set up with an email marketing provider such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.   You might also want to consider setting up a new email List for this purpose.  


So now that you have your HubSpot account set up, your lead magnet in place and your email marketing provider organised, here's how you're going to link them all together to hook prospective customers from your website! 


(3) How to Create a HubSpot Lead Flow on your Website

There are just 6 easy steps to setting up a lead flow and I’m going to walk you through that process right now - 


Step #1: Select the type of lead flow you want 

There are three different types of lead flows to choose from:

  • Dropdown
  • Pop-up
  • Or Slide-in (either from the left or the right)

(see below)


3 Different Types of HubSpot Lead Flow


Personally I prefer the lead flow that slides in from the side as it’s less intrusive but still very effective.  


Step #2: create your 'Call out' or Call-to-Action

HubSpot Lead Flow 'Call Out' 

HubSpot Lead Flow 'Call Out' 


So there are two sections to your lead form: a 'Call Out' to entice and encourage prospective customers to sign up for your freebie, and a 'Form' containing relevant fields of information you require. 

To create your ‘Call Out’ you’ll need to:-

(1)  Upload a relevant image to hook attention (please note this will be quite small so any text overlay will not be legible)

(2)  Add some 'Call Out Text' that will act like the heading.  What will instantly snag your customer’s attention?

(3)  Include a line or two of text to expand on the offer you're making

(4)  Add the text for your Call-to-Action (CTA) button.  As with all CTAs you’ll want to use an action verb such as “Download”, “Sign Up”, or “Save your Spot” if you’re inviting people to sign up for a webinar, for example.  


Step #3: Customise your form

HubSpot Lead Flow 'Form'

HubSpot Lead Flow 'Form'


The Form is where you:

(1)  include a little more explanatory text, and

(2)  add the form fields you want to capture.  (Don’t ask for too much information otherwise you risk losing a customer’s attention.  Usually just an email address and first name will suffice.)


Step #4: Thank you!

          HubSpot Lead Flow 'Thank You' 

Type an appropriate thank you message that new leads will see once they’ve clicked on your offer.  Sometimes it’s a good idea to include an extra quick message, inviting your customers to go and check their Inbox for your follow-up email.  If you know what the title of your email will be I'd add it here so customers will know exactly what they're looking for. 

If your emails tend to get filtered out into spam/junk boxes ask your customer to check there if they’ve not received your follow-up email and invite them to add your email address to their White List.  


Step #5: Customise Lead Flow Settings

               HubSpot Lead Flow Location and Trigger Settings

               HubSpot Lead Flow Location and Trigger Settings


Here is when you can get really specific about when you want your lead flow to appear on your website. 

You can choose for it to appear:

  • on all web pages or just specific ones;
  • after a customer has scrolled down 50% of a web page, or
  • after a certain number of seconds has lapsed. 


Step #6: Link your Lead Flow with your Email Marketing Provider

Sync Lead Flow with Email Marketing Provider

Sync Lead Flow with Email Marketing Provider


Here is where you will connect your Lead Flow with your email marketing provider. 

It’s very simple and straightforward to do by (1)  selecting your provider from a drop-down menu and following the instructions.   As I mentioned above, you might want to consider (2) pushing new leads over to a specific email List for this purpose.  


Ready to Publish?

Once you've gone through all these steps you're almost ready to publish your lead flow! You'll have the chance to Preview your lead flow before you do this to ensure that it looks good on desktop, a tablet or smartphone device.  

Preview HubSpot Lead Flow



Once you're happy with your lead flow go ahead and hit 'PUBLISH'! 

If there are any edits you want to make you can go back to the relevant stage and make your changes.  




Once that is done you can go ahead and set up an email (or series of emails) with your email marketing provider to deliver your free giveaway.

If you want to see a live lead flow working, just check out my website - you'll see one there!



If you enjoyed this tutorial or if you know someone who might benefit from reading it, please feel free to share!

If you'd like regular free tutorials and advice about how to grow your business organically why not subscribe to my new YouTube Channel?  In fact, you can watch this entire blog post in a video tutorial right here! 


See you next time! 

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