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Social Media & Marketing Roundup #1

Social Media & Marketing Roundup #1

Social Media Marketing Roundup for Small Business

I'm delighted to be writing the first of your weekly updates, which is a collection of all the best social media & marketing blogs from the past week.


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Happy reading!


Stop Press...

(1)   Twitter culls Vine Videos (and a few jobs too)

Adios Vine 👋🏻

Adios Vine 👋🏻


(2)  Kim Garst's Spooktacular Sale for Just $1 🎃

Get access to Kim's entire social media & marketing library, webinars, eBooks & private Facebook group for just $1!


(3)  NEW: YouTube 'End Screens'

Another chance to increase lead generation from YouTube with mobile friendly 'end screens'. 



Do you really know what it takes to create a perfect business pitch?  You might not be pitching to Sir Alan Sugar or the BBC 'Dragons' but there will be occasions, such as formal networking groups, when you will have just 60 seconds to explain your business in a memorable and enticing way.

This is the best article I've read so far from Entrepreneurial Spark, a breakdown of all the essential elements you need to consider - "3 Stages to create your perfect Entrepreneurial Spark Pitch". 



2.Social Media

  • If you've not already signed up to join Ian Cleary's group of #RazorBlazers, do so now.  You will be able to join Ian's Facebook Group and get access to his free tutorials and training, which include actionable tips to help you get your brand noticed in the social media world. 


  • I never expected to like Instagram Stories...but I do!  I love them.  If you've not started using them yet or you're just unsure how to get started, here's a great guide from Social Media Examiner >> "How to Create Instagram Stories".  



3.  Digital Marketing


  • Content Marketing University: run by Joe Pulizzi and a host of other experts at the Content Marketing Institute.  I've learnt pretty much everything I know about digital marketing from these guys; they consistently produce incredibly useful and valuable content that anyone can access via their website.  

I've enrolled for the Content Marketing University this December: why not do the same and get your content marketing 'learn on'! 



4.  Visual Content

You already know how important visual content is, particularly for start-ups and small businesses who don't have the budget to incorporate paid ads.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a huge fan of PPC ads anyway! 

Here's a great article by Canva, a graphic design tool I use every day to create graphics for my clients' and my own business.  

You'll find out exactly:-

  • Why you should be using visual content
  • What kind of visual content to post
  • Where to find some of the best stock photos that will cost you nothing to use
  • The best tools on the market to help you start creating and sharing visuals.  

Get your creative hat on with "10 Kinds of Visual Content to Curate for your Blog and Social Media". 




5. Video Marketing

  • Sunny Lenarduzzi

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this amazing lady but I'm so glad I did.  Based in Vancouver, Canada, Sunny has been an inspiration to me. 

She was recently voted by the Huffington Post as one of the top 50 Entrepreneurs to follow, as well as having her YouTube channel listed as one of the top 20 that will change your business.  Check it out! 

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi


Watch this 10-minute video and you'll find 7 actionable tips you can take to help boost your YouTube Channel, optimise your videos, and generate more subscribers.  Download a free eBook, "The Secret to Building your YouTube Channel" during the video.  



6.  Blogging

There is a definite 'knack' to writing the opening sentence of a blog, newsletter, eBook. etc. Your reader has been interested enough in your headline to click through but now is not the time to lose their interest with a weak opening sentence.   

Pamela Wilson (director of educational content at Copyblogger) gives 5 examples of how to hook and hold your reader's attention in her recent article, "How to Write a Winning First Sentence". 



Over to You!

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➣  What social media or marketing difficulties do you often face in business that you wish you could solve?

If there are any particular subjects you'd like to read more about just let me know by dropping your suggestions in the comments box below ⬇︎.  I'd love to hear from you. 

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Please note I shall be abroad next week so I shall be back on Sunday 13th November with some great new updates for you. 


Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #2

Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #2

Weekly Social Media and Marketing Roundup for Small Businesses

Weekly Social Media and Marketing Roundup for Small Businesses