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Social Media & Marketing Update #12

Social Media & Marketing Update #12

This week's newsletter has some very exciting and exclusive offers from two influential experts to help you ramp up your social media & marketing campaigns.  

Happy reading! 


1.  Visual Content Marketing & SEO

We all know that visual content is a powerful marketing tool, but in our haste to create it, upload it to blogs and so forth, one small but vital detail is often overlooked.

Do you remember to optimise your visual content for SEO?  

If you don't or if you're  unsure how to do it take a look at this great article from the lovely team at Venngage, Infographic specialists, 7 Ways Your Visual Marketing Assets Can Boost SEO


2.  Great Social Media GIVEAWAY! 

Just a few days ago Warren Knight and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child, beautiful Dixie Knight.  Congratulations both!

Warren is giving away £4,000 worth of social media and digital marketing goodies as part of his "Biggest Social Media Giveaway 2017".  Just click on the link over to Warren's #ThinkDigital Facebook group to find all the details and enter.

DO NOT DELAY: this offer remains open until Tuesday 7th March.  



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3.  Content Creation

When it comes to creating any kind of content, consistency really is key. 

Not so long ago experts were advising that you kept to a timetable for producing content regularly at the same time per week/month so your followers got used to checking for updates.  It's a good idea to stick to a timetable if you can but it's not essential. 

It's now a case of producing QUALITY content as opposed to quantity.  Provided your blog, video (whatever it might be) really educates your target audience and gives them actionable tips they can follow, your content is likely to rank highly in SERPs.  

As well as quality content you need to take care to ensure you're being consistent in format, look, feel, branding, etc. 

Amy Schmittauer, YouTube expert and influencer, has some great advice for producing consistent YouTube content.  


4.  Design

"I'm not a designer!"

I've heard this so many times when I suggest that a small business starts creating images for social media networks.

It's a myth that you have to have some kind of graphic design qualification to create highly effective visual content for your business.  All you need are the right tools, easy-to-follow guides and the patience to learn. 

Get started with these 50 free, ready-to-use templates from Canva.  It's a steal! 


5.  EXCLUSIVE Offer *

As a part of Sunny Lenarduzzi's Boss Video Masterclass I'm able to share this exclusive offer with you today.  Join Sunny's "Boss Video Branding" course and learn how to grow your business on YouTube - video is the hottest growth hack this year.

"In 12 months I gained over 3 million views and created a massive audience. And you CAN do the same thing!"

Have a listen to what Sunny says about her exponential growth on YouTube in just over one year and how she will help you do the same with some great insider knowledge, easy to follow guides and expert tips she's gained from her own experience.

This will be the best investment you make in growing your business this year. 

💥  Hurry: you only have 5 days remaining to enrol

[*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to Boss Video Branding and do not stand to gain financially in any way]


6.  Social Media Storytelling

I'm watching a TV series at the moment on Sunday evenings...I'm trying very hard to like it but, honestly, I'm only watching because a friend of mine is an extra in it.  

Why am I not liking it?

It's not connecting with me on an emotional level. 

Emotions are powerfully persuasive.  How many of you have watched a charity video during Red Nose Day, showing the crippling poverty some people still live in, and not made a donation?  I have...through a veil of tears.  

Emotions move us to make decisions.  

Learn how to use storytelling on social media platforms to connect with your audience on an emotional level and transform your marketing campaigns. 

That's it for another week! 

Thanks for reading.  As always please show my blog some love by giving it a big ❤️ below and share with your friends.

Thank you!

Nicky Pasquier Virtuoso Assistant
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