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Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #3

Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #3

Social Media Marketing Roundup 3



By the time you receive this newsletter you'll have about one day left to sign up for this fantastic, free 10-day course of live video training with social media marketing training Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Sunny provides expert training on how to market your business on YouTube.  

Why bother?  

➣  YouTube is the second biggest search engine besides Google.

➣  Video is HOT 🔥 this year and may get hotter (if that's possible) in 2017.

➣  Video is easily consumed on mobile devices, which is hugely important given that we now consume more content on mobile than desktop.

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"How to Convince Anyone of Anything (Almost) Every Time"

How wonderful it would be if you knew exactly how to persuade a prospective client to purchase your product or service!  Or pitching your business to investors and knowing exactly how to get that investment.

Monique Blokzyl has got it covered so listen to her talk from last week's #Inbound16 and discover her "magical pitch formula".

How to Convince Anyone of Anything Almost Every Time



Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine, besides Google?  

ONE HOUR of video is posted to YouTube...PER MINUTE! 

If you producing videos for business, ensure they don't get lost in a sea of content by ensuring you optimise each video for search with these "5 Steps to Driving Traffic with YouTube Videos". 


BLOGGING those three letters fill you with dread?  Would you rather read anything other than an article about Search Engine Optimisation?

There's really no need to feel this way because, honestly, SEO is quite simple.  Here's a great guide from the team at SEMRush, who'd demystified the process for you, "Fundamental for Small Business: it's all about the Content and Links".  



It's around this time of year that companies are starting to think about posting their Christmas marketing campaigns.  It's a HUGE opportunity to connect with your audience and hopefully attract prospective customers at a time when people are searching for gift ideas! 

If you're stuck for ideas, HubSpot provided 18 Brilliant Examples of Holiday Marketing Campaigns last year, which are still relevant this year.

What can you learn from these examples?  Can you do something similar?  

My personal favourite is #8, a great example of using emotions to create a powerful impact. 

Which is your favourite? 




I had no idea how to automate emails until a year ago - I never thought I could do something like that.  

It's surprisingly easy and once you've automated your first sequence of emails you'll be amazed at what a powerful tool it it.  This article by Social Media Examiner will definitely help you automate your sales funnel

Find out:-

  • how automation works
  • see some great examples
  • how to set up your email sequence
  • links to further websites and courses to help you further. 



"Scientists have identified countless ways that we judge people based on their looks, even when those judgments have no basis in reality."

Read on... [Business Insider UK]

Which face do you find most 'agreeable'? 

Which face do you find most 'agreeable'? 


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