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Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #7

Social Media & Marketing Roundup: #7

Social Media Marketing Roundup #7

Happy New Year and all the very best luck and prosperity for 2017!

I'm so excited about 2017: I have a feeling that this year we're going to see some very significant changes in both social media and digital marketing, so please keep watching out for and reading your newsletters.



Let's kick of the first of your newsletters for this year with some great FREE learning to help you keep your digital skills up-to-date.

Did you know that you can access some great courses via the Hootsuite and HubSpot websites? Just click on the links to take you to their learning portals.  Set aside just an hour a week and you'll soon notice a difference to your general 'know how'.  



Talking of Social Media, we always need to keep abreast of what's happening on Facebook Pages for business.  It's a tricky platform for businesses to get a foothold and to ensure their content shows up in their target audience's feeds. 

With this in mind the experts BuzzSumo have come up with a super-helpful article to help you - "The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement in 2017".  Make sure you either read it or bookmark it for later. 



Which leads me nicely onto the next subject...bookmarks.  If you don't have time to read an article but don't want to risk losing it or having to spend valuable time searching for it later, how do you 'bookmark' it for later? 

There are some great tools around, besides adding a bookmark to your general bookmark manager.  

Have you considered using Pocket?  

Pocket is my 'go to' bookmarking tool; it's so quick and easy to set up and so simple to use.  Just add the little Pocket 'bookmarklet' to your toolbar and click the icon whenever you want to save an article.  You can organise articles on your dashboard by adding useful Tags, and get popular suggestions according to your likes at the same time. 

Here's Pocket's own guide to help you get started.  Don't lose those important articles any more! 



I'll bet at some point in the near future you're likely to be pitching your business to a networking group, a crowdfunding site or even to a publisher.  Or maybe you feel ready to pitch your business for an award in 2017?

Do you really know what it takes to pitch your business and get what you want? 

You might want to brush up your skills a little so I'd recommend you take a look at these expert insights into "5 Reasons They're Ignoring your Pitch" from Content Marketing Institute.  



Just because I made this point #5 doesn't mean to say it's any less significant...because it's VERY significant!

At the end of last year Google announced that it was no longer relying on the desktop version of websites to rank a page's content.  They just snook that news out as Christmas was in the forefront of people's minds.  

Essentially this means that you need to ensure your website and content is optimised for mobile. Here's what Caitlin Rose from HubSpot highlighted - 

Google Mobile Indexing

Take a moment now to check how healthy your website is and find useful suggestions as to how to fix any glitches.



Have you grabbed your free stock photos yet to help you with visual content this year?

I spent a while curating some of the most recent and best, high quality images from stock photo websites to share with you.  They're free for you to use either for personal projects or to brand for business projects.  I love them so download your images now before I decide to keep them for myself!

That's it for this week!

As always please drop a comment in the box below if you'd like to see more content about a particular subject, or if you need help with a particular aspect of your social media & marketing this year.  I'm always happy to help. 

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