Social Media & Marketing Roundup #8

Social Media Marketing Roundup #8

Quick Snippets

Twitter video loops

NEW! Twitter introduces short, looped video to replace Vine.  Read more →




LinkedIn finally launches its long-awaited new desktop look.  Read more → 




(1)  Search Engine Optimisation

I was asked to review "15 Effective SEO Strategies for Small Businesses" by the AppInstitute with the promise that it would, 

"...walk you through the basics of SEO at each stage of setting up a small business website, i.e. what to do before you build your site, during the process and after it."

I think it's a fantastically useful article.  Let me know what you think? 


(2) YouTube & Video Marketing

Follow these expert tips in "5 Steps to Driving Traffic with YouTube Videos" from YouTube experts like Brian Honigman, Sunny Lenarduzzi and Adel de Meyer and optimise your YouTube Channel.  

You cannot ignore the fact that video marketing is going to be even more significant in 2017 so start the year off by nailing some essential basics. 



Yellow Leaf Hammocks.png

Are you boring your prospective customers with your "About Us" page or do you inspire them with your business story, plans and achievements?

If you're unsure what to write on this page, take a look at these top 10 "About Us" examples from HubSpot and see how you can transform your own page. 



Are you still 'dabbling' with Pinterest but want to know how you can use it for your business?  If so take a look at this Step-by-Step Guide to Pinterest Marketing by AdEspresso.  It will walk you through from the setting up process to creating the best sized images for your products, what kind of images attract the most shares, right through to setting up promoted pins. 

Get pinning in 2017! 📌



If Pinterest is more of a B2C platform that favours products rather than services, take a look at this fabulous article from bestselling author, John Nemo, "How to go Viral on LinkedIn" which includes a free LinkedIn Profile template. 



I love posts like these!  Here's a great list of 53 digital marketing tools you might want to take a look at this year; even one can make a difference in terms of productivity or sharper marketing.  

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