Weekly Social Media and Marketing Roundup for Small Businesses

Best Social Media Marketing Blogs for Small Businesses

The Best of the Week's Social Media & Marketing Blogs

Have you ever wished you could find a free round-up of all the top social media and marketing blogs which have been curated specifically with small businesses and start-ups in mind?

If you're a small business owner you'll probably have been too busy keeping the wheels of business turning to take notice of every blog that's been published over the course of each week.

That's a shame.  You could miss out on some incredibly useful and ground-breaking articles which could have a positive impact on your business.  

Starting this coming Sunday (30th October) I'll be curating some of the best blogs which offer the most value to small businesses and posting them here in one roundup. 

Subjects covered will be:-

➣  Social Media: how best to make the most of each platform to create brand interest and generate organic traffic.

➣  Marketing: the week's top tips from marketing experts and influencers.

➣  Video Marketing: you know it's hot!  Learn how to market your business using video, create a following on YouTube and create great video content that your followers will love.

➣  Visual Content Marketing: articles to help you learn more about how to create and use visual content on social media, on your blog or website.  

➣  Blogging Tips: blogging is one of the best ways to get your business known online, create brand awareness and set yourself as the 'go to' expert in your niche.  I'll be sharing some of the best blogging tips as they're published.


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