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Social Media & Marketing Update #10

Social Media & Marketing Update #10

Social Media Marketing Updte


Quick Snippets

➢  NEW: Pinterest beta-tests new Lens tool to help users locate similar items on the app. 

➢  YouTube: Google cracks down on annoying Ads on YouTube. 

➢  Facebook: not enjoying Facebook's new autoplay sound on video? Here's how to stop it. 

1.  Social Media Analytics

Do you remember playing a popular children's party game, 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'?  I use this analogy when explaining to clients why I believe sharing posts on social media profiles is nothing more than guesswork unless they're using analytics.  

Check out these 5 ways to analyse your social media marketing posts from Social Media Examiner


2.  Unique Royalty-Free Music

Have you ever watched a marketing video and straightaway recognised a piece of background music because it's been used so many times before?  It's the same with stock photos; you risk seeing them over and over and over again.

If you regularly produce videos for your business it's well worth paying a little extra for a piece of music not everyone has heard before.

I discovered Music for Makers last year and I've been delighted with the music tracks they produce.  Plus, as a subscriber, I receive one free track each week by email.  Take a look and give your videos a unique twist! 


3.  Content Marketing 'University'

Would you like to become a content marketing 'rockstar'?  You need to hurry because the closing date to enrol for the this Spring's Content Marketing University with the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) will be closing on 1st March

Get the details and enrol today.  


4.  Do People LOVE you on Camera?

So it was Valentine's Day this week and the Internet was awash with pink hearts, flowers, schmaltzy memes and gumph.  But I did discover some really useful content like this quick video tip from Sunny Lenarduzzi, YouTube expert.  

It's easy for anyone to appear in front of a camera and produce a video, but there's a real art to producing a video that everyone loves enough to comment on and share with their followers.  

So take a look at Sunny's most recent video and discover how you can make people fall in love with you on camera 💕


5. Instagram

If Instagram is one of your preferred social media networks then take a look at these top 10 Instagram tools Lilach Bullock suggests you might want to use this year.

"There are tools for managing your Instagram and scheduling updates, analytics tools, photo editors and a couple of really cool tools that will help take your Instagram account to the next level".


6.  Facebook

Facebook is a tricky customer and not one of my preferred platforms, but a lot of my clients still rely on it to connect with their target audience and generate traffic back to their websites.

So for all you die-hard Facebook users out there, here's a great guide from SumoMe to help you skyrocket your site traffic from Facebook.  



7.  Storytelling for Business

The key to engaging with and ultimately selling to prospective customers is connect with them on an emotional level.  Cold, hard facts are not appealing!  

Read how one charity transformed an appeal for clean water simply by connecting with their audience on an emotional level. 

Learn how to do this yourself for your own business and increase sales by enchanting your audience with storytelling.  


Thanks for your time: I really appreciate your support.

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See you next week! 

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