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Social Media & Marketing Update #11

Social Media & Marketing Update #11


No "Quick Snippets" this week...but I've got some extra articles to share with you and a great free offer so let's dive straight in...💦


1.  FREE TrialS 💰💰

➢  Power up your Video Marketing


This tool was recommended to me by Mike Allton, a top 10 social media marketing blogger with Social Media Examiner.  He's been using Content Samurai for a while now with some very positive results.  So I'm paying it forward by inviting you to enjoy this free 7-day trial.  

Happy video marketing!


➢  New & Affordable Email Marketing

"[SendOut] is an intuitive and affordable marketing automation made just for Bloggers, Authors and Influencers". - Product Hunt 

Although created with blogging in mind SendOut has some great tools for everybody, including Opt-In forms for your website, email segmentation and those all-important analytics.  

Enjoy a free Trial this week! 




Instead of having to create a new piece of content for your marketing campaigns, here's what you can do to save yourself heaps of time and take the pressure off. You'll also be able to target different audiences too and maybe discover a new, untapped resource to amplify your brand.

So, what am I talking about?  Recycling or repurposing content.  Rebekah Radice, social media marketing expert and influencer, shows you 11 ways to recycle blog content.  


3.  Instagram

Did you notice?  Although they've not reached the UK'll soon be able to upload 10 photos or videos onto a carousel in Instagram.  Simply swipe sideways to browse uploaded photos for an enhanced visual experience.  

Get the details from TechCrunch


4.  YouTube

Here are 9 guaranteed and surprisingly simple ways you'll increase your following on YouTube, from the team at SproutSocial.


4.  Email Marketing

How's your Email Open Rate?...Be Honest!

Okay, you don't have to tell me but if you know yourself that you could do with a little help then take a look at these expert email tips from the HubSpot sales team.  


5.  #Hashtags

I've seen so many lost opportunities simply because businesses aren't making the most of a simple hashtag on social media.

Last year I 'hijacked' a trending hashtag from #INBOUND16, a huge inbound marketing convention held by the wonderful people at HubSpot.  I copied a quotation from Rebekah Radice and posted it as part of my weekly Twitter 'Business Tips', using the #INBOUND16 hashtag. The result was 24 retweets, 21 likes and a lovely comment from Rebekah.  


I'll be writing a blog about hashtags for small businesses shortly (when I have time!) but in the meantime take a look at this article from HeySippy - "Hashtags and How to Use Them". 

That's it for this week.  

Let me know if there are any areas of social media marketing that you'd like more help with and I'll keep my eyes peeled for some great content to share with you. 

Meantime I'd be grateful if you would give this blog a ❤️  below and sharing it with your friends.  Thank you! 

Nicky Pasquier Virtuoso Assistant
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