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Social Media & Marketing Update #13

Social Media & Marketing Update #13

Social Media Digital Marketing Update


Firstly...apologies for the lack of newsletter last week: I was away from home over the weekend and didn't have time to prepare ahead of time.


So, let's start this week with a bit of news...


  St Paddy's Day Craziness!

St Paddy's Day Craziness!


How many of you have noticed these?  It seems that Facebook has created its own version of SnapChat's quick videos / selfies which vanish into cyberspace within 24 hours.  

Don't know what I"m talking about?  

Head over to Facebook Messenger where you may or may not see a circle right at the foot of your screen (see below).  Take a selfie or create a quick video, add a fun overlay, emoji, or write on a blank screen.

You then have the option to save your creation to 'Your Day', send to friends or download it. 

Facebook Story.png


Instagram created their own version by launching 'Stories' last year which, in my opinion, are a little more accessible and can be used to good effect by business accounts. 

This is what what Tech Crunch had to say → 


(2)  LinkedIn Profile Photos

"Having a profile photo results in up to 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests" - LinkedIn

With this in mind LinkedIn have introduced new photo and editing features to its mobile app to allow users to create the best possible profile photo. 

Here's how it's done...


(1)  Lead Generation Tool: FREE trial

Did any of you win any prizes from Warren Knight's Social Media & Marketing Giveaway 2017 a few weeks ago?  I was delighted to win a year's free subscription with Openr, one of Warren's 'go to' marketing tools.

"Openr is a content-sharing marketing tool, used by thousands of digital marketers to drive real results from the content they share on social. If you fancy more traffic, more sales, and more leads from all the content that you’re already sharing on social sign up for a free trial."

Read the details and then grab yourself a week's FREE trial here →


(2)  Marketing Tech

Using the right tools of the trade to generate leads and increase sales is essential for small businesses, particularly if you're going to rely on organic traffic to bring in more business.  

Ian Cleary has made his name searching out the latest cutting-edge tools for marketers and is an influential speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, San Diego.  

I started using KWFinder, an incredibly powerful alternative to Google Keyword tool, a few months ago on Ian's recommendation.  I've been massively impressed so far! 

Ian has started to build his YouTube channel by creating quick social media and marketing videos from his super-cool studio at home.  Why not subscribe to his YouTube Channel and then find out how you can improve your Google rankings by optimising your H1 tags.  


(3) LinkedIn: the New-Look Desktop Interface

Greg Cooper Bath Biz Expo

I had the pleasure of sharing a stand with Greg Cooper, LinkedIn expert, at the Bath Business Expo on Thursday this week.  We got chatting about LinkedIn and the various 'pros' and 'cons' of the new desktop interface.

Like most people one of the features I really have a problem with is the new search tool.  Greg says,

"There is a multi-layered search which always begins in the keyword search box rather in multiple text fields as the original advanced search did."  

If you're unsure how to maximise your searches on LinkedIn take just a few minutes to read Greg's article, "Advanced Search Hack for the New LinkedIn Desktop". 


(4)  Video Marketing: a Quick Guide using Wistia

Are you putting off video marketing for your business?  Does it leave you feeling a little confused or overwhelmed?

If so take a look at this useful guide from HubSpot, "How to Use Wistia to Make Videos"

HubSpot have chosen Wistia to create videos on a smartphone but there are a tonne of other tools and apps you can use.  As it happens, Wistia is one of my preferred options.

HubSpot starts off by listing the benefits of video marketing for business, followed by some key ways you can prepare before shooting a video.

Next you'll set up a free Wistia account, upload your finished video, customise it, create an enticing thumbnail image and finally learn how to generate leads with your video.  

Happing filming! 


(5)  Email Marketing: FREE Templates 


The poor old email is so often overlooked but it remains one of the most powerful ways to engage with and start marketing directly to your client list.

If you ever wonder what kind of email you should be sending out to new subscribers, for example, take a look at these 10 examples from Sumo and download your free templates. They've done all the hard work for you! 

That's another wrap for this week!

As always I'd be so grateful if you would give my newsletter a ❤️  below and share it with your friends. 

I try to provide value each week with articles I think will be beneficial to you but if you have any suggestions please let me know.  If you think your own blog will fit the bill then shoot me a link via email!  I'd love to hear from you.

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