Virtual Social Media and Digital Marketing


Why is it important to have a social media and marketing strategy in place for business?  

There are many reasons why a business of any size needs to embrace social media but consider the following:-

1.  There are millions of active social media accounts; a business needs to be where its customers are in order to find new opportunities.

Active monthly social media accounts

Active monthly social media accounts

2.  A brand can set itself up as a trusted 'thought leader' in a particular field by consistently positing useful and informative articles on social media.

3.  Social medial platforms are highly visual, particularly Instagram and Pinterest. By posting high quality, engaging visual content a business can easily attract attention, generate interest and entice potential customers back to a website.  [See our Visual Marketing services].


4.  Content posted onto social media can influence purchase decisions.  78% of consumers surveyed said a company's social media posts impact their purchases - [Invesp]

5.  63% of millennials say they stay up-to-date with their favourite brands on social media networks - [Sprout Social]

6.  Social media allows a brand to listen and engage with their customers. It's a perfect opportunity to provide first class customer service provided responses are timely.  42% of customers expect a response on social media within one hour - [Buffer]


We're passionate about helping small business owners generate interest in their brands online without paying for expensive 'Pay-Per-Click' advertising.  

Paid ads work, undoubtedly, but when you have a tiny budget they're a sure way to knock a large hole in it very quickly.

We use tried and tested techniques which will -

➢  Create a buzz around your brand on social media networks

➢  Generate interest and attract new leads

➢  Drive traffic back to your website.  

We know these methods work because we use them ourselves every day.  


One of the most successful ways to market a business digitally is to consistently write helpful and useful articles via a business blog.  

Include an enticing visual for each post to draw attention to your content and share across social media or via email to your client list.


Not only will your audience appreciate the useful posts you provide, they will revisit your website for further updates as you become known as a 'thought leader' in your niche.

Include a lead magnet with your blog in order to grow your email list.  



There are various ways we can help you with social media and / or marketing for your business, as follows -

1.  We can manage your social media and / or marketing accounts for you

2.  We can advise you by way of a one-to-one by way of private consultation

3.  You can learn how to manage your own accounts by booking one of our bespoke training and/ or workshop packages.  Learn more →


If you'd like to find out more please click the button below and get in touch with us - we'd be delighted to help.