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Visual marketing cannot be ignored. 

Next time you log into your Twitter account, take a look at the stream of tweets and ask yourself what immediately grabs your attention.  

It's likely to be a tweet with a large image or video.  Here's why ...

It only takes the brain 150 milliseconds to process a visual symbol and a further 100 milliseconds to attach a meaning to it? 

Imagine then how much quicker it is to convey a message using an image rather than having to read a paragraph of text?  

We've been using images to communicate with each other since prehistoric times: think about cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphics. 



We have incredibly busy lifestyles; every day we're bombarded with information which we need to process at an increasingly fast rate.   Between the year 2000 and 2013 our attention spans dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds (that's 1 second slower than a goldfish

Marketers have understood this data and use visual content to convey brand messages in a way that's digested and processed in milliseconds before attention drops away.  

Visually pleasing content which triggers emotional responses are also used to make connections with prospective customers and build lasting business relationships. Sensual images stimulate the brain and encourage social sharing, which helps to increase a brand's reach.  

It's no wonder, then, that visual marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox.  

The Infographic below illustrates the power of visual content - 

What is Visual Content? 

Visual content comes in all kinds of formats - 

➢  Static images

➢  Slide presentations

➢  Infographics

➢  Short explainer videos for business

➢  "How To" video tutorials

 ➢  Gifs

➢  Interactive games and quizzes. 

How to Create Visual Content

Because visual content has become so popular, there are a huge number of tools and apps available to use.

Take a look at our top 7 tools for creating stunning visual content



Visual Marketing Services

If, for whatever reason, you would prefer to leave the creative side of marketing to someone else, we'd be delighted to help.

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